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Welcome to our new website and our first blog post. The website has been a working progress and wasn't as easy as I assumed it would be! haha. I am certainly not a web designer so am very pleased with the outcome despite a few blonde moments!!! So here we are. My little idea of a pop up baby shop has grown in to a high street shop and now a website too. I couldn't be happier and grateful to all my gorgeous loyal customers who has have made this possible. 

So how was Baby Steps born?

Well my husband and I had our daughter Lexie in October 2017. I wanted to make the life that I had dreamed of for my little family but with childcare being so expensive it was an issue. Before having Lexie, I have worked with horses all my life but after breaking my back from a bad fall in 2015 that put an end to my ridden career. So a new carer was needed. Having a job that I could take Lexie with me was the solution. Here she became my shop assistant! When you come through the door and you have noisy little munchkin shouting hello at you, thats my daughter! She does say bye bye too plus help you with your shopping, very helpful, some of the time! 

Children are certainly not a cheap addition to the household. They grow out of clothes in a heart beat and there is something else that you need. I came up with the idea of having a pre-loved store for this reason. Our little bundles of joy grow so fast and the gorgeous clothing that has been bought for them has hardly been worn. So why loose money when you can make money on your almost new clothing and buy some more. 

Baby Steps took off in August 2018 and became a popular addition to Sherborne. From there I wanted to add product lines that you couldn't get locally. After all not everyone wants to shop online. This is where some of the clothing companies joined me. Tiny Tot Tribe, The Hidden Flamingo and The B shirt. Being able to buy handmade clothing that is not the same as what everyone sells also became a big hit. The shop has grown from them and now we stock many other product lines with more on the way. 

Thank you for supporting my little journey and look out for another blog post soon with some very exciting news. 



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